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Systsoft Systems & Software would like to partner with IT services companies that do not have a presence in India. As the "Onsite Partner" they understand their customers' requirements and are better equipped to carry out high-level design and implementation.

Systsoft as the "Offsite Partner" can reduce the cost and time of software development based on the design. Thus, the customer benefits with a lower cost solution, the onsite provider can grow without adding resources, and Systsoft gains new customers. Systsoft calls this model the Onsite Offsite Provider Partnership Model.


Systsoft Systems & Software has developed Software Products that have the potential to benefit customers globally. These products are easy-to-use tools that can be quickly deployed within the customer's existing setup. Systsoft would like to partner with companies who would like to become Distributors of our products.

Opus180 LLC is the Distributor for North America.

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