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Systsoft Systems & Software provides customized Application Development Services to customers from design through till implementation & go-live.

Our Consultants understand the business requirements of the application to be developed and the users' current pain areas that need to be addressed in the new application. We design the high level specifications along with the customer to ensure that the solution will match the expectations.

After this, if required, we may develop a prototype solution, to get user feedback on the user interface and proposed functionality. Changes suggested by users will be incorporated into the low level design documents, which will contain database design and program specifications. Customers approve these documents which are then used for the development & testing of the project.

Once the application development & testing has been completed by Systsoft, we hand it over for user testing. Any minor changes required are incorporated and then the application is ready for implementation by the customer in production.

We have worked on several such projects in the following technology areas
- Hybrid web apps with IBM i (AS/400) back end & .NET front end
- Web / Cloud apps on Microsoft .NET / Windows Azure
- IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) apps in RPG / RPG-ILE


Hybrid Web Applications (IBM i AS/400 + Microsoft .NET)
Client: LNJ Bhilwara Group (Large Textile Manufacturer)

Challenge: To automate the manual Bank Reconciliation process, for all group companies, from multiple banks to their BPCS ERP application.

Solution: Systsoft developed a hybrid web app, where a user could upload the bank statement of any bank. The app would automatically import the data into physical files on the IBM i, match it to the BPCS transactions and auto-reconcile matching entries (by calling RPG & CL programs). All unmatched entries could be reconciled within the web app itself, and the corresponding reports were also generated.

Benefit: Bank Reconciliation effort reduced from a few days to a few hours for each company location.

Web Applications (Microsoft .NET)
Client: Abbott India (Large Pharmaceutical Drugs Manufacturer)

Challenge: To track & manage the lifecycle of "Vaporizers" provided free by Abbott to hospitals, for use of their anesthetic drugs

Solution: Systsoft developed a web app to track the purchase of the vaporizers, their distribution to warehouses across the country, allocation to the sales teams, installation at the hospitals & their repair or replacement after end of life. The drugs sold for each vaporizer were also recorded to calculate the ROI as well as sales performance.

Benefit: Abbott was able to analyze the results of its strategy to provide free vaporizers, reduce the costs of managing the assets as well as improve customer service to hospitals.

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