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Spool File Reports on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) platform are designed for printing, which is expensive, both from a cost perspective as well as its impact on the environment. The best way to distribute reports is as a soft copy in different formats and different devices depending on the need of the users.

Systsoft Systems & Software has created Re-Distribute as an intuitive tool to convert Spool Files to Charts, Excel CSV and PDF and make them available to end-users online through a Web-based interface, as an Attachment to Email and as Alerts in the form of Text (SMS) messages.

Re-Distribute is a browser based application, and uses the same login credentials as the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) User Profile. As a result, any valid AS/400 user can login into Re-Distribute through a browser, without any client installation or setup required on the PC. End users can view only their own spool files as Charts, Excel CSV & PDF, with addition menu rights given for specified users.


Some of the benefits of using Re-Distribute are given below
- Save Printing & Postage Costs
- Better Decision Making through Charts
- Eliminate Manual Excel Conversion
- Faster Information flow through Email & SMS Alerts
- Retain Existing Security through Single Sign On
- Ease of use (One Click open)
- Simple & Quick Setup
- Web based & Multi- Server Interface
- No Change in Programs

Report Conversion Formats: Charts, Excel CSV, PDF - More Information.

View Reports: Online, Email, SMS - More Information.

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