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Spool File Reports generally have both detailed information, and its summarized version, in the form of Totals - either at the report or section levels. In a similar manner, Charts in Re-Distribute are of two kinds - Summary & Detail. Summary charts are used for viewing only the totals, and Detail charts can show the detailed data in the report.

The report data can be filtered based on any of the columns of the report, so that only relevant data is shown in the chart. The first report column is the X Axis value, all the report columns to be charted are the "Data Series", and the remaining columns in the report are ignored in the chart.

There are over a dozen chart types available, which can show the information in different ways.

Re-Distribute converts spool files to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files that are opened in Excel. The Excel CSV file report that is generated has columns similar to the spool file report, and so there is no need to manually create these columns as is normally done with text files.

Another feature of Re-Distribute is the deletion of headers and footers of the spool file report after the first page. This results in report data available as continuous rows of data, allowing the direct analysis of the data in Excel. Report totals can also be deleted if required.

In addition, Re-Distribute also converts any negative values in the report with the minus sign after the number (e.g. 100-) to the conventional minus sign before the number (e.g. -100), so that it can be directly used.

PDF documents are converted in the same format as the spool file. The report can also be split into multiple PDF files and emailed to individual recipients (also called report bursting). The split can be setup so that it is based on one or more phrases (strings) in the report, and whether it should occur every time the string is found, or only on change of the phrase (string).

Re-Distribute also can search for data values within the report and tag the filename with those values. These tags can then be used for file indexing and report bursting.

The PDF report can be merged (overlayed) with another PDF file containing the complete form overlay for that report with logos, tables etc. In addition, images and other text can also be added to the end of the PDF report.

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