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Re-Distribute converts spool files to Charts, Excel CSV & PDF online in a web browser in one click.

The user can search for spool file on different criteria and the reports that meet the search criteria are displayed in Re-Distribute with buttons to view them in Excel CSV or PDF. Re-Distribute reads the spool file, processes the data and create the output Excel CSV or PDF file which is then opened in the browser.

Charts in Re-Distribute are setup for individual users. The same spool file reports, can viewed as different charts by different users, completely independent of each other. All charts that have been setup for a user, are available for view with a single click.

All reports can be converted and viewed only by users who have the authority to view it on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400).

Re-Distribute monitors the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) Output Queues for new spool files. Whenever a spool file report that is setup for automatic email is created in that the output queue, it is read by Re-Distribute and processed into either an Excel CSV file or a PDF report. This converted report is then emailed automatically as an attachment to addresses setup in the system.

The actual sending of the email can be automatic or manually controlled, so that selective reports can be "On Hold" - created but not sent. These then can be manually viewed and then sent.

PDF Report bursting - splitting a spool file report into multiple reports and then sending each part to a different address is also done in batch. Each part is identified by different tags that can be used for address selection.

Re-Distribute can be easily integrated to any SMS Gateway so that Text Message (SMS) Alerts can be sent along with emails.

The mobile numbers and SMS text can be setup for each report. In the case of PDF report bursting (splitting), the alerts can be sent to different people based on the tags. As a result the content from within the spool file can be used to create the SMS alert, which is more meaningful to the user.

The process to send SMS' is done in parallel with the email sending process.

Report Conversion Formats: Charts, Excel CSV, PDF - More Information.

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