Re-Locate - Automate Data Migration      Zero Coding Business Rules Approach

Data Migration is a complex project and usually involves several teams of people, including the Users, the IT staff, the Consultants & the Auditors. A manual approach to data migration will be very time consuming, both to develop data migration programs as well as keep changing them as the scope and requirements change from each of these teams.

Re-Locate is the solution developed by Systsoft Systems & Software to simplify the data migration from the IBM System i (iSeries or AS/400) applications to other databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc.

Re-Locate has been designed with a "Zero Coding" approach to data migration. Only the business rules for the migration need to be setup through a web-based application, which are used in Re-Locate to generate the SQL scripts for the actual Data Migration. Since there is no code to develop and test, the process is simpler, faster and easily accessible to all the teams involved in migration.


The entire Data Migration process is setup in a step wise manner, with the business rules defined for each step. These include
- Data flow of Target tables to be loaded from different Source tables
- The Data Extraction and Filteration Logic from the Source Tables
- The Data Quality Validations for the Source tables
- The Join Conditions for the Source Tables
- The Source - Target Mapping & data Transformation conditions
- The Data Quality Validations for the transformed Target table
- The Target Loading method

Re-Locate has been specifically designed to provide for the Audit, Balance & Control requirements of data migration. The data validation and verification is vital to ensure that there are no data changes or omissions during migration, which could lead to significant problems for the business at a later date. Hence, at each step of the process, Re-Locate compiles the Control values, which can be verified against data in existing reports.

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