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Smart Society is a Cloud based application (hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platform) for the management of modern Office & Apartment Complexes (also called Societies or Associations) in India's growing cities.

As complexes get larger they become difficult to effectively manage manually, and coupled with a dearth of skilled managers, automating manual processes becomes a necessity. Smart Society provides a common platform for all stakeholders of the Complex - the Residents, the Managing Committee, Managers, Accountants & Vendors.

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The features of Smart Society include
- Automate Billing for all Residents with Online Payments
- Maintain Books of Accounts for all Income & Expenditure
- Manage Investments of the Complex to get higher returns
- Send Requests to all Residents (Notices / Circulars / Proposals etc.)
- Allow Residents to send Requests - with Workflow Routing & Escalation
- Ensure that the society is compliant to all Statutory Rules
- Improve Security with Vehicle Parking Stickers & Visitor Gate Passes
- Track Vendor AMC contracts and Maintenance Schedules
- Provide Residents with Social Networking within the complex
- Showcase the complex on its own Website

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