1. Systsoft Systems & Software

    Systsoft Systems & Software
    The Best Combination of Services & Products
    Systsoft Systems & Software provides Application Development and ERP Maintenance Services on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) and Microsoft .NET Platforms along with ready to use Software Products for Reporting & Data Migration.
  2. Application Development

    Application Development
    Designed to Perfectly Fit your Requirements
    We help Customers create customized applications, on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) as well as web applications hosted on Microsoft Server / Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
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  3. IBM AS/400 ERP Maintenance

    ERP Maintenance
    Use our Speed & Agility to Stay Ahead
    We help in the technical maintenance and enhancement of all major ERPs on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) platform including PRMS, BPCS, JD Edwards, Movex, MAPICS etc.
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  4. Spool Files Modernization

    Take your Reports Out of the Box
    Re-Distribute converts IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) Spool Files to Charts, Excel CSV and PDF. View them online in browser with 1 click or as Email attachments with SMS alerts.
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  5. IBM i (AS/400) Data Migration

    Data Migration
    Manage the Migration of your Most Valuable Asset
    Re-Locate is our web based solution to migrate data from the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) to other databases using a Zero Coding, Rules based approach with Audit controls.
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  6. Smart Associations

    Smart Society
    The Sky's the Limit
    Smart Associations is a cloud based platform to manage all aspects of Office & Apartment Complexes across the world's fastest growing cities.
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Systsoft Systems & Software is a privately owned company, incorporated in 1980. We are committed to develop tools for the IBM i and cloud solutions for managing office & apartment complexes for the world's fastest growing cities to truly create Smart Associations.


Systsoft Systems & Software provides high quality services and solutions on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400), Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platforms. Our Products & Services are designed to utilize the strengths of each platform to deliver unique solutions to customers.

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